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At TheCardboardBoxes, we deliver businesses with custom printed boxes and customized packaging tailored to specific industry and product needs.

Custom Boxes

With an ever-increasing business projection, we are observing an increment in demand for custom printed boxes and custom shipping boxes. At TheCardboardBoxes.co.uk, we are presenting the unique yet optimized packaging solutions that are readily available to our wide target audience, along with the customization features. The consumers can pick up any cardboard custom boxes and communicate their ideas with us.

We welcome your ideas and develop the custom boxes wholesale through our creative knowledge. As the custom boxes’ manufacturers, we have a team of creatives and designers that has the ability to serve what our consumers demand. We utilize the lauded and revered quality in the custom packaging boxes, irrespective of the box's size and style. For our business consumer base, we offer custom boxes with logo and custom packaging for products...

To ensure the maintenance of a healthy and clean environment, we ensure the utilization of recyclable material for box manufacturing. We are offering custom boxes for small business UK with high-end quality and premium printing without adding immense cost factor.we have procured the sales staff that listens to the consumers’ demands and queries and offer an on-time solution. Our brand has become the prima packaging brand through our experience.

Customization For Product Packaging

As consumers, we tend to use customized product packaging in variating forms. The customized packaging solutions offer creativity and innovation. The custom boxes are available in various shapes, colors, sizes, and kids, so the consumers can choose the cardboard boxes according to their preferences in size, shape, and color. Along with the customization features, we introduce the premium outlook to the boxes through premium printing and decorating.

The custom packaging solution empowers the brands to develop positive brand images in front of the customers and provides an initiation to the business. At TheCardboardBoxes, we have corrugated, and cardboard sheets for the development of boxes since these materials are recyclable and eco-friendly. We are offering affordable rates that align with the monetary needs of small businesses. It has become a catalyst for success.

To illustrate, the manufacturing processes aren’t simple since it doesn’t only include the proper production process, but designing, brainstorming, printing, assembling, and more.e give importance to the customers, and we ensure to invest maximal efforts to ensure our consumers are satisfied with the packaging solutions. That being said, we curate the combination of affordability, customization, quality, efficiency, and reliability.

Our Offerings

At TheCardboardBoxes, we have expertise in designing and manufacturing corrugated boxes, window boxes, die-cut boxes, kraft boxes, and cardboard boxes. Our packaging solutions are one-stop shops for businesses that need personalized and customized packaging solutions without incurring higher costs. We have hired the production team that’s trained to complete the packaging manufacturing in the minimal time possible.

As a result, we are empowered to deliver the packaging orders in the least turnaround periods. When you come to us, we provide the potential turnaround time and ensure the worth of money and time through the provision of top-notch packaging solutions. We offer packaging solutions at affordable rates. Furthermore, we ensure the customer service's all-time availability, so our clients have quick access to solutions and answers to the queries.

Who Are We?

The Cardboard Boxes has become one of the leading packaging solution brands in the UK. After years of operations, we have attained the level of success. We believe in providing satisfaction to our client base, which has empowered our progress in the industry. We deliver a wide range of packaging solutions that cater to a diverse range of businesses. However, we have a creative team of designers that can customize the boxes according to the unique clients’ needs. We utilize the following materials for our boxes;

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Rigid

These materials are readily available, and we utilize top-notch and the finest quality.

Our Technology

Our modern consumer base prefers advanced technology and standards. Seeing the outcome, we have procured and installed the cutting-edge and modern printing machine for printing part of the boxes. We have a production team that is trained to utilize the technology, resulting in efficient working and quicker turnaround time. In addition, we have automated our services that not only promises top-notch printing but reliable shipping as well.

Our Team

We have developed a team at TCB.uk that have the ability to understand the preferences of the client and deliver the services accordingly. We also have sales professionals that are readily available, so customers can contact them and discuss the queries. Our teams are trained to provide timely solutions to the problems.

Customization Options

We believe in delivering unique packaging solutions that align with the needs of specific businesses. This is why we have ensured the customization through matte finishes, glossy finishes, deposing, and embossing.

• No Die And Plat Costs

We create a competitive edge by offering high-quality (premium) packaging boxes at an affordable price. We provide free designing temperature and free shipping for orders for 100 boxes and more. In addition, we offer zero die and plat charges. We are offering the die-cut design for boxes upon request. On the contrary, we also offer plain packaging solutions without the die-cut. Irrespective of your design needs, our creative team has the art that appalls you.

• Turnaround Time

We understand that time is the essence for businesses, and businesses that value time ensures success. Unlike other packaging solution companies that take a month to deliver customized packaging solutions, we offer eight to ten days of turnaround time. We ensure it through our efficient and effective packaging technology. We have invested in the best technology and utilize it for quicker production and turnaround time.

That being said, we are offering eight to ten days of turnaround time that means the clients don’t have to wait months. In addition, we have the correct number of staff that take on the project and attend to their unique needs.

• High-End Printing

We are offering high-end printing because we understand that the appearance of the box directly impacts the first impression. We utilize the modern printing technology that delivers the irresistible packaging solution. To summarize, we have onscreen printing, offset printing, and digital printing technology that promises quality.


The standards turnaround time of the box order is eight to ten business days. However, this turnaround time starts after the approval for the demo.
We have developed the rush service plan with which we offer four to six business days; the rush service plan has extra charges.
Yes, you can communicate the customization needs with our team, and they will fix your desired artwork or designs on the boxes.
We work on the digital appearance of the boxes and share the 3D version. The 3D version clears up how the outcome will be. However, if you have to order boxes in bulk, we offer the physical sample with a slight sampling fee.
We have designed the unique packaging for whole-sellers and resellers through which we also offer special discounts.
Yes, we offer shipping for businesses out of the UK. However, the shipping charges apply outside the UK.
We have procured a skilled workforce and advanced printing technology. We have the screen and digital printing processes available.
For printing purposes, we require the PDF, PSD, and ai format with at least 300dpi file.
The boxes are shipped in the pre-assembled or flat form.
We offer the customized boxes and packaging solutions. When you call us, our designing team can get in touch with you and discuss the design layouts, as per the prerequisites. That being said, ordering the customized boxes is a matter of a few clicks.

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