10 Innovative Popcorn Box Designs That Will Revolutionize Your Movie Nights

user-image Rachelle Haley 11 Jul, 2023

Popcorn is the most loved snack while watching a movie. It's a bundle of joy and good taste, which we can also call a bucket full of happiness. Snacks are the ultimate need for specific occasions, such as while watching a movie or on a long drive, to satisfy their hunger needs, etc. So, popcorn is an underrated snack but adds tremendous enjoyment while watching a movie. That's why whenever we think of watching a movie, the snack that comes to mind is popcorn. In other words, popcorn is associated with movies somehow. The variety of popcorn flavors in theatres sometimes drives the person crazy, but they are big entertainment for movie time. 


If popcorn is that important in snacks, how can we miss designing their boxes? Popcorn boxes are responsible for handling the popcorn inside and not letting it soggy. Additionally, popcorn box designs never have a limited choice in it. 


Let's see some innovative designs that can enhance the beauty of your popcorn boxes:


    1. Put Custom Handles on the Boxes

Popcorn is the leading food in theatres. These boxes are easy to design, but some innovations make the path clear to success for them. So, do not hesitate to try out new things with packaging but ensure it's eye pleasing. Putting on handles of these boxes can uplift the brand value and boost the succession rate. Handles make them easy to carry and enjoy their time of happiness. This idea is an instant way of grabbing customers' attention. These handles are either plastic or fabric. It's up to your choice. 


    2. Go for Rainbow Colors

Here, you might think of the seven colors of the rainbow, but there's nothing like that. Rainbow colors mean adding a variety of eye-catching colors for kids and teenagers. Never let this chance go to your hands to design these boxes. Rather than doing it never, try it once. Designing popcorn boxes is the best way you can communicate with your customers. Movie night is enjoyable, so use colorful boxes that enhance their mood. Being lightboxes can destroy your business.


    3. Transparent Boxes


It might sound unreal, but it's reality. In the packaging industry, transparent boxes are going to be big. This packaging is on the trend list for 2023. Brands are part of this trend to showcase their product. In this way, these boxes make the brand stand out. Popcorn may be going to be sold on this unique piece of paper. These are practical because people can see through the box without opening it. So, their trust and your packaging remain safe for life long. 


    4. Customise Theme Boxes

In theatres, popcorn is sold in a large variety. So, how would it look if the boxes had a specific theme? This theme can be related to the movie or show being played at that time. This movie time will become more precious and memorable for family and friends. This theme idea for popcorn boxes is more than just boxes because it can be used for movie promotion. Before finalizing the design of Custom Popcorn Boxes, make sure that you have done heavy research about them. 


    5. Go Green for Boxes

Custom boxes are the way to success for a business, whether big or small. It's not like that boxes should just look good. It should also feel good for the hands and eyes. In that case, eco-friendly packaging comes to the rescue because its 100% recycled material will make an impression on the buyers. Cardboard is the first idea that comes to mind when discussing eco-friendliness. So, choosing cardboard is excellent because it's also custom-friendly, a big brand investment.


    6. Personalised Boxes

In business, success is driven through hard work; the hard work is investing in the packaging. This design will be one of a brand's best decisions. This design isn't popular in theatres, but this will prove a great way to get customers' attention. The customer can get his/her picture printed on the popcorn box in these boxes. On any occasion, this will make a more detailed memory of the person. Even they can get their names done on these boxes. 


    7. Fancy Lettering Trend

As we know, decent and classic lettering is how to get into a customer's heart, but it's not always true. Sometimes, the lettering should be a bit different, but it varies on the purpose it's used for. For popcorn, the packaging must include fancy lettering as it can get more attention and be a reason for the brand's victory. In cinemas, we first notice it's a cafe, and when some eye-catching packaging shows up, we only want to buy that product.


    8. Don't Miss on Creativity

Being a part of the market, you have to do anything possible to stand out in the crowd. So, this is another idea that can help to bring uniqueness to your business. If there's a chance for Customized Food Packaging, don't miss it but get creative. Popcorn is a never-ending trend while watching a movie, so there's nothing wrong with trying something new. Creative packaging can never let down the brand if chosen. There is nothing to be scared of while trying something new. Just think, what if it will become a trend and go on? 


    9. Window Die-Cut

Along with printing, we can't forget about the box's design. Here is a thing that will stand the product in the market. Popcorn Packaging Solutions include this idea of window die-cut design. Using window cut-outs in these boxes can make customers more attracted to them. It's not just a design, but it also helps the customer to enhance their time of happiness. All it's about is seeing what you're eating; the window is a beautiful way of it. Even so, it's exciting for the kids while watching a movie. Make sure that you try it out at least once. 


    10. Choose Animations

Popcorn and cartoons for kids are all about entertainment during movie time. It's a happy time for the kids; if your design is a part of it, they will remember it for a long time. Kids love animations such as cartoons, toys, etc. What if these animations get into their boxes? Kids will be overwhelmed by this idea. If nothing, Customized Popcorn Box Trends must be seen once for more alternatives. It's not just a way to get more customers but will also result in repeat sales. 

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