Box Style



At The Cardboard Boxes, we believe in catering to all our clients, irrespective of what their packaging needs are. For this reason, our experts have designed an array of box designs that are suitable for different products, respective to their dimensions. To illustrate, we are offering the following options.

1-2-3 Bottom Display Lid

These boxes are designed with a bottom closure, promising easier assembly within three steps. It comes with a top lid, so you can show off your products. 

1-2-3 Bottom

It’s curated with an easy and seamless assembly process. It has been designed with a bottom closure that you can easily seal with minimal effort, leading to secure packaging. 

Auto Bottom with Display Lid

It has an automated lock on the bottom, promising more stability. Also, it has a lid on top to showcase your products, so you can use it for promotional and retail purposes.


It has the shape of a book, so you can use it for storing documents and books. It is designed with a hinged lid, so you can have easier access to the inner area. 

Bookend CD Case

It has been designed to store and protect DVDs and CDs. It has been given a bookend-style, promising easier access to the discs without compromising on security. 

Bowl Sleeve

It can be used to slide around a bowl, which helps enhance the appearance and upscale the protection. It’s a perfect option to pack intricate jars and bowls. 


This packaging solution offers easier access to the product packaging inside. It has an expert dispensing mechanism, making it suitable for soaps, condiments, and tissues. 

Door Hanger

It is an informational or promotional packaging that’s perfect to hang on a doorknob. It can be used for conveying a brand message to a specific audience. 

Double Locked Wall Lid

As the name suggests, it has a double-locked top closure, which promises an extra layer of security. It is a suitable option for valuable and delicate items. 

Double Wall Display Lid

It comes with double walls for more strength, and there is a display lid to showcase the packed items. For this reason, it can be used for retail products. 

Double Wall Tray

This is a packaging solution with double-layered walls, leading to more strength. It can be used to store and pack multiple products/items. 

Double Wall Tuck Front

This packaging design has double walls as well as a front panel, which can be tucked in for better sealing. It offers a fine blend of protection and durability. 

Double Wall Tuck Top

This packaging design comes with double walls, but there is a top panel, which you can tuck in for sealing the packaging. It’s a suitable option if you want to safely transport the products. 

Fence Partitions

They can be used in large-size packaging containers to divide the space and prevent the items from coming in contact with each other. For this reason, they are suitable for packaging delicate items. 

Five Panel Hanger

This packaging solution comes with a hanger for easier product display. There are five panels for providing product information and branding, making it apt for retail packaging

Four Corner Cake Box

This box solution is crafted to hold the cakes and transport them without damaging them. There are four corner flaps available to enhance protection and stability. 

Four Corner Tray

This packaging solution has four corners, which can be locked for enhanced stability. It can be used to ensure secure product packaging.

Four Corner with Display Lid

It has been designed with four corner flaps to ensure stability, while the top display lid helps showcase the products, so you can use it in retail settings. 

Four-Panel CD Jacket

This packaging solution is a perfect choice to hold DVDs and CDs securely. There are four different panels to provide information and add branding elements. 

French Fry Boxes

These boxes are carefully crafted to serve French fries. We make triangular boxes and have multiple openings to ensure easier access to the fries. 

Full Flat Double Tray

This packaging solution comes with a double-layered tray that holds the products easily. It can be used for delicate and fragile items that need extra protection. 

Gable Bag

It is a unique packaging design that’s shaped like a gable and looks like a house food. It can be used to pack promotional items, gifts, and food items. 

Gable Bag Auto Bottom

The bag has been designed with an automatic locking system on the bottom, which increases product security and easy assembly. 

Gable Box Auto Bottom

Just like the gable bag, the box has been designed with an automatic locking system on the bottom, leading to a secure and quick closure. 

Header Card

This is our packaging accessory for retail clients because this card hangs from the top of the product, so you can share the product information and enhance branding. 


These boxes have a six-sided shape, which makes it an eye-catching and unique option. It can be used to display an array of items, especially when you want a unique impression. 

Hexagon 2 PC

It consists of two separate pieces that form a hexagonal shape when assembled. It offers an appealing and distinctive packaging outlook that every brand needs.

Ice Cream Cone Holder

These boxes are designed to hold the ice cream cones without compromising on security. It helps prevent melting as well as spillage while showing off the treats. 

Multi-Purpose Header

This is an extremely versatile packaging accessory that helps enhance branding efforts. In addition, it can be used to display information or add a decorative element to the packaging. 

Pillow Box

This is a packaging design resembling a pillow in shape. It is often used for gift packaging and can be easily folded to secure the contents.

Prism Shaped Box

These boxes are designed with a geometric prism shape. They offer a unique and attention-grabbing presentation for a variety of items or products. 

Punch Partition

They are used within packaging to create sections or compartments for individual items. They are often used to prevent products from coming into contact with each other.

Regular Six Corner

A Regular Six Corner is a packaging design with six locking corners, providing stability and protection for the enclosed items.

Reverse Tuck End

The Reverse Tuck End is a packaging style with flaps that tuck in the opposite direction when closed. It is commonly used for a variety of products.

Seal End

This packaging has been designed to be sealed on one side, ensuring the products remain secure. It’s a suitable choice if you need tamper-proof packaging. 

Seal End Auto Bottom

Like the Seal End design, the Seal End Auto Bottom includes an automatic locking bottom for added convenience and security.

Self-Lock Cake Box

This is a packaging solution specifically designed to hold and transport cakes. It features a self-locking mechanism for added stability.

Side Lock Six Corner

This is a packaging design with six locking corners, providing security and protection for the enclosed items. It also includes side locks for extra stability as well as security. 

Six Panel CD Jacket

The Six Panel CD Jacket is a packaging option designed to hold CDs or DVDs securely. It features six panels for branding and product information.

Straight Tuck End

This is a packaging style with flaps that tuck in the same direction when closed, offering a secure and easily accessible solution for a wide range of products.

Tray and Sleeve Box

It comes with a tray that holds different products. In addition, there’s a sleeve that slides over the tray to leave an appealing impression and increase protection. 

Tuck End Auto Bottom

It comes with a bottom closure that automatically locks into place, providing a secure package. The tuck ends on the top panel can be tucked to seal the package.

Two-Panel CD Jacket

This is a packaging solution designed to securely hold CDs or DVDs. It features two panels for branding and product information, offering a simple yet effective way to package optical discs.

Two Piece

It comes with two separate components. This versatile packaging style allows for easy assembly and is commonly used for gift boxes, product displays, and various other applications.

On a concluding note, The Cardboard Boxes is constantly trying to expand its product range to make sure there is something for every client. However, if your desired box style isn’t mentioned in our list, You can get in touch with our team, and we will customize the shapes to cater to your product design and size.