Mascara Boxes

Our goal at The Cardboard Boxes is to provide you with mascara boxes that will make your mascara extend from the crowd. It does not matter what the look of your boxes is, and we can create custom-printed mascara packaging that move with the mascara, making everyone fall in love with your mascara regardless of how they look!

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Eyes are often considered a window into the soul. As such, many women spend a significant amount of time applying eye makeup. This usually includes carefully selecting suitable eyeshadows and creating the perfect winged eyeliner look. However, even the most expertly applied eye makeup can only appear complete with mascara. This is why so many cosmetic brands are constantly releasing new mascara products.

The mascara market is highly saturated and competitive, with companies offering various products, such as lash lengthening or volumising mascaras. Companies need to create a unique identity and competitive edge to stand out in this competitive market. One effective way to achieve this is through custom or branded product packaging, such as Custom Mascara Boxes. This can help a brand stand out on store shelves and create a memorable impression in the minds of consumers.


Shapes & Sizes

In most cases, the mascaras are always designed in a tube shape. However, suppose your mascara tube has a different body than a tube or the cap. In that case, we can customize the box accordingly. We are empowered to develop Custom Mascara Packaging that aligns with your mascara products' different shapes and sizes.


Top-Notch Quality

Even though you opt for custom window boxes or Custom-Printed Mascara Boxes, we focus on ensuring the highest quality standards. Our quality standards are improved to the ultimate level of perfection. Regarding the quality of packaging, we have various forms of material available to meet the diverse needs of the companies. 

As far as the types of paper material are concerned, we have eco-friendly kraft, bux board, e-flute corrugated, or cardstock material that delivers ultimate protection & durability. While stating the quality, we must communicate how we have developed an extensive paper thickness range. At TheCardboardBoxes, we have a paper thickness ranging from 10pt to 28pt.


Finishing & Printing

We understand that modern consumers are highly concerned about the appearance of product custom packaging. To meet our customers' diverse needs, we offer various options for mascara packaging, including matte lamination, gloss lamination, foiling, embossing, and gloss AQ. We also have different printing options, including 1 PMS colour, 2 PMS colour, CMYK, and no printing.

In developing our packaging, we also offer burrow, glueing, scoring, and die-cutting options to ensure that our packaging aligns with modern trends and needs. Additionally, we use biodegradable and eco-friendly materials in our packaging designs to minimise environmental harm while protecting your products.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-Friendly cosmetic packaging refers to packaging that is designed to minimize environmental impact. This can include using materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, or made from sustainable sources. It can also include using minimal packaging or packaging that can be reused or regenerated. 

Some examples of eco-friendly makeup packaging include using kraft or cardboard containers that can be recycled. It is becoming more common for cosmetic companies to adopt eco-friendly packaging as consumers become more conscious about the impact of their purchases on the environment.

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