Kraft Boxes



Kraft is a lovely brown color material used to make a lot of types of boxes because of its sturdy nature that can keep the products safe from the hump and dump of the roads. Also, due to their long-lasting nature, these boxes lie under a cost-effective solution for your product packaging. Kraft is famous for its brownish nature, but it can also be printed in different colors. You can find all these solutions at; at we are offering all the packaging solutions made with kraft, but not only limited to kraft material; you name it, and our capable team of designers will provide the exact what you have in your imagination. 


A wide variety of boxes in any size, shape, or color can be made on your demand as per the desired quality; we provide a range of kraft window boxes for all kinds of products in the market, no matter whether you belong to the food industry, cosmetic products, medicine industry or any other we have all type of packaging for your all-round needs. All you need to do is provide us with a little input about what you are looking for, and we will handle all your headaches and bring the best for you in terms of quality, printing, and match with competitors. TCB is the name of quality within your defined deadline per your demands. 


What Makes Us Unique in The Market?


TCB is a packaging company that offers a range of packaging solutions for your needs using kraft material, but the thing that makes us unique in the market is the mindset; we believe more in our customer stratification, always keep them updated with every progress on their project, ensure quality, best printing solutions, the most unique designs for your small kraft boxes, and creative ideas for the shapes, and effective color combination that can change the destiny of your business in the market. We are offering the following service at your doorstep


Higher-Level Customization


Customization is the actual need of the market; all around the globe, companies are shifting their traditional packaging to kraft box with handle; we at the TCB ensure that our clients enjoy the best customization service with the help of the best resources on our platform. The higher-level customization alters the very simple box into an attractive yet creative solution that can directly impact the customer's mindset and compel him to buy your products.


The TCB offers all kinds of printing, designing, and size options from very small to extensive ranges, with eye-catching and appealing color combinations. Not only this, but we are also offering all kinds of coating such as Glass coating, UV coating, silver, gold, and foil covering for your boxes to make them more unique, attractive, and reason to catch the customers more effectively. 


We have hundreds of clients who are satisfied with the effectiveness of the designs, smoothness, quality, and all other services we offer. We ensure quality while manufacturing these boxes for your business needs. 


High Definition Printing Machines


We have the best printing machines with the latest and high-tech models to provide a seamless printing experience. These lasting machines can give an excellent tone in the color, high definition design printing, with the perfect border match. We offer digital printing, screen printing, and all other options that could meet your demands. We have the best expert in the market with decades of packaging experience who can handle all your needs on a priority basis and know how to get the best results from these machines to provide you with the best services.  


Free Designs Support


You can let us know what kind of designs you require, and we will provide ultimately free design support for your requirements; samples are also provided on demand. You can also find a vast catalog of designs on our website; you can get your plans from there free of cost as well. 


Professional Customer Care Support


We know the importance of a professional customer care support team, which is why we have the best resource with the kraft box packaging field experience who is ready to take your all instructions, and with little go, they can offer you the best. They can guide you in detail about our services and be able to understand what you need very quickly.  A very professional yet well-mannered team is waiting to deliver you the best. 


Cost-Effectiveness Solutions


We offer the best packaging solutions in terms of cost-effectiveness; cost is a big problem for new business owners, so we try to make them in your budget or at low cost with the latest cutting-edge techniques. 


Free of Cost Shipping At Your Doorstep


The TCB ensures that you can save as much money as you can, so we are offering free of cost shipping for your order. You can enjoy these perks subject to the number of pieces you order. All your orders are delivered to your destination doorstep with all the safety measures. We do not have any fee for shipping these boxes, and we don’t have any hidden charges or taxes. 


Get Your Free Quote 


You can reach us easily by visiting our website to talk to our customer care team directly on live chat. You can also email us if you have any specific needs or ambiguity about services; our customer care teams are always ready to guide you about your needs; they can also provide you the price and all the perks we are offering, details about any discount plans or any other question you have in your mind.


You can also go through our website to find the number of solutions we offer, the designs, and all other features with visuals, so what are you waiting for? Drop us the details of your desired needs and get your free quote now.