Kraft Food Boxes

Food is the go-to escape for everyone, and if you are a restaurant with a takeaway facility, we have the perfect kraft food boxes for you. Our kraft food boxes are designed with kraft material that not only looks amazing but offers sturdy structure and protection. The food boxes can preserve the taste, and the material promises the food remains hot and ready to eat. So, you can call The Cardboard Boxes and design the vibrant food boxes that preserve the food flavor!

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Food is an undeniable part of our lives, and many people love to opt for take-away because nobody has the time to cook for hours. However, the food needs to be hot at ensuring one gets to enjoy it, right? For this reason, food companies and restaurants have to choose and use the right kraft food boxes that can protect the food, preserve the flavors, keep the food hot. 

At The Cardboard Boxes, we use high-quality kraft material that can make a huge difference in preserving the food. The kraft paper is extremely lightweight yet durable, which makes it a fine choice for food items. At The Cardboard Boxes, we have an array of kraft food boxes with windows and without a window to align with your needs. 

The best thing about our kraft food boxes is that they are eco-friendly, which makes them suitable for preserving the food as well as the environment. Even more, the eco-friendly material means that the packaging is biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. On top of everything, you have the liberty to experiment with the food boxes and their designs. 


Customized Designs 

At The Cardboard Boxes, we can customize the kraft food boxes just like you want. We understand there are hundreds of dishes on the menu, and we can create chinese food boxes that can handle every food item. We have custom-printed kraft food boxes designed to protect the food items. Ranging from shape to size, you can customize the food boxes as you want. 

We can create small kraft boxes and gable-shaped food boxes that help us cater to the diverse needs of food businesses. We can curate the unique shape in the kraft food boxes that help customers carry the food items around for take-away and capture their attention. The best thing about customization is that our clients can change the structure of food boxes as well. 


Printing Technologies

We understand that simple brown kraft boxes can be boring, which is why we have procured high-end and advanced printing technologies. We give our clients full freedom and space to experiment with the food boxes through printing design and style. In addition to customizing the structure of food packaging, you can modify and customize the prints and styles as well. 

When it comes down to printing technologies, we have a diverse range of printing options. Ranging from embossing to raised ink and foiling, we can create everything you need. In addition, we offer gold foiling as well as silver foiling, so you can create food boxes that match the theme of the restaurant and even the menu card! 


Quick Delivery 

At The Cardboard Boxes, we promise effective, free, and quick delivery of the kraft food boxes. We understand that restaurants cannot stop functioning only because they don’t have takeaway boxes. That being said, we have managed to create the quickest delivery time. We take pride in our quick turnaround time. Even if you want the kraft food boxes the next day, we have the rush order option for you!