Kraft Shipping Boxes

Online shopping trends are on the rise, but that doesn’t mean your customers don’t deserve the beautiful packaging, right? That being said, at The Cardboard Boxes, we have kraft shipping boxes that can store and ship the products to customers with captivating packaging. The kraft shipping boxes are sturdy enough to ensure that products are protected and are delivered to the customers in intact form. Above all, we design the captivating images and designs on the shipping boxes, so even the online shopping experience is enjoyable!

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The kraft is considered the most durable, strong, and material that could easily bear the hump and dump of the roads if it is used to make the shipping boxes. One of the market’s best kraft shipping boxes is made and offered by one of the leading packaging companies of the market known as the TCB.

We are a specialized name in offering all types of shipping boxes, with less safety, single layers, medium-level safety double layers, and very secure custom boxes for bulk-level shipping made with three layers of kraft material. All these boxes are made with the best durability and safety level to ensure that your product will not get damaged even if you are sending them across the globe.


Best Shipping Boxes With All of Your Branding Needs

The TCB knows the importance of having your name printed on the box which is going to travel across not only inside the country but also across the globe. These kraft boxes are printed with all of your branding features, such as the logo of the company, name, marketing slogans, tag lines, or any other public service or business message you like to deliver through these boxes. Even on customer demands, these retail boxes are made in black or any other color of their choice.


We Ensure All Safety Standards 

As we know the shipping boxes are going to travel across the borders, and each country has its own rules and regulations to accept the shipments. The TCB is the only professional company in the market that follows all interactions as well as the national standards of packaging.

Also, the brown kraft boxes are made with the customer demands, such as certain countries have a certain demand of the label, size of the box, the product information printed righty and also the warning signs, all these things are well understood and taken care of with extra efforts. So you are able to deliver your packages smoothly to your buyers. 


How Can I Order These Boxes? 

You can learn more about these boxes by visiting the gallery section on our website, where you will find the real pics and images of the previous orders delivered to the clients. You could find all the information related to the shipping boxes and what we are offering there. If you still feel any ambiguity you could find the tab of live chat on the same page, say hi to our customer care team they will love to guide you about the whole details, you could get information, ask questions, and clear your ambiguities.

Once you are clear about everything then you get your free quote using our sample form where you need to fill in the information about size, shape, color, and designs, righty available on the same page. You could also reach us using our email, or you can make us call as well. If you like to visit our office then you have to make an appointment but due to the ongoing situation, one-to-one meeting is mostly avoided.