Kraft Window Boxes

The window boxes have become the ultimate packaging solutions for every business operating with retail products or bakery products. We have a fine assortment of kraft window boxes in different shapes, sizes, and layouts that complements the unique needs of every business. With the window boxes, we ensure precise cutting, and the window is covered with PVC or glass sheets, hence the captivating and attractive boxes.

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The kraft material is famous for its durability yet appealing brown texture which is very much famous for the product boxes due to its decent looks. The kraft window boxes are kind of the latest solutions made by the TCB. The TCB is one of the best names in the packaging world due to its decade-long existence and experience of dealing with the different kinds of packaging needs.

The window boxes are made by the TCB with all the features to help your business perform well in the market. These kraft boxes could better present the product due to the transparent window attracted inside the box to provide the live product view. The boxes are specially made by the TCB to fulfill all the marketing aspects of the brand, business, and products. The kraft enhances the beauty of these boxes. 


Everything is Available Under One Flag 

Now you do not need to roam here and there to fulfill your multiple packaging needs, you just name and the TCB is capable of offering you world-class services against all sorts of packaging demands. All you need to lead us to what you are looking for and our professional customer care team will help you to find what better suits you.

All kinds of custom features for these window boxes are applied by the experts of the TCB. we have the best team of designers who know the importance of designs in the market, coherence with the products, and how to meet the mindset of the customer or purchaser of these products. All designs are made with unique ideas and a creative mindset to offer your hundred percent success in the market. 


All Kinds of Printed Boxes Are Made Here At TCB 

The TCB offers a wide range of custom features, related to designs, colors, and shapes. You could demand all kinds of custom boxes from the TCB, we have the latest machines, capable enough to print high-resolution images in high definitions on your boxes, you can ask for the logo, company name, designs, marketing slogans, taglines, or any other type of features on your boxes that could help you to make your business or product presentation better in the market.  All of the designs are made on computer-aided software, tested on the computer simulation to verify, whether they will work for you or not, and after your final approval is printed on the boxes.


You Can Find These Boxes Only At TCB 

All ranges of kraft window boxes are available on our website, you can find the acute graphics of these boxes, but if you still feel any ambiguity or you have any questions in your mind you could live chat with our customer care team, who are ready to assist you round the clock.

You can send us an email, you can also reach us using our phone numbers. The TCB offers free cost shipping, and free design support, with the after-sales service to provide you with the most trusted features.