Privacy Policy

At The Cardboard Boxes, we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality of the customers. We will never share, disclose, or sell the information of our clients to third parties. We only use the customer information for processing and shipping the orders.

Collection Of Information

The Cardboard Boxes is the sole authority of collected information on this website. We collect the information of users and customers at multiple points on the website.

The Registration

The users must completely fill the registration form for using The Cardboard Boxes services. The users will have to share the email address and name. This information can be used for contacting the users even if they don’t place the order for packaging and boxes.


At The Cardboard Boxes, we request the information from every user on order. The users have to provide contact information, such as name, shipping address, and email addresses. If users place the order, they will have to provide financial information, such as credit card number, debit card number, and expiration dates. The collected information can be used for authenticating the orders. In addition, the information can be used for contacting the users if there are errors in order processing.


The cookies are data pieces that share information about the users. We use cookies on the website. However, the users can remove the cookies if they don’t want us to access the cookies. These cookies are used by us for processing the orders and identifying the users. We also use the cookie for associating the user files with packaging orders and for enabling the shopping cart. The users must switch on the cookies for using the websites.

Log Files

We use the log files at The Cardboard Boxes. The log files include the browser type, internet protocol, internet service provider, address, exit pages, time and date stamp, platform type, and the number of clicks. The information can be used for tracking the users and gather information about the customers' information. However, the data is not associated with individually identifiable information.

Communications Through The Website

Special Offers & Updates

The members and established clients will receive information about discounts, special deals, services, new products, and newsletters. However, the customers can choose not to receive these updates. You can email us to disable the receiving of offers and updates.


When customers shop from us and order through us, they will be subscribed to the newsletter. The newsletter is sent by using the customers’ names and email addresses. The users can still choose to not receive the newsletter. For switching it off, email it to our customer support email.

Customer Support

We ensure regular communication with the clients to offer the services. We use the contact information, i.e., email address and contact number, to communicate with the users and clients. We can contact the users and clients regarding issues in the order processing and others.

Legal Disclaimer

We always ensure user privacy through the preservation of user information. Still, if required by law, we can share the information. We are liable to comply with the judicial proceedings and legal processing.

Third-Party Associates

We use third-party sources for shipping the packaging orders. In addition, we collaborate with the credit card processing company for billing the users. We ensure that third-party companies do not share, use, or retain the information for secondary reasons.

Business Transition Details

If The Cardboard Boxes undergoes merging, acquisition, or asset selling, the personal information of clients and users will be shared and transferred. However, if they use the information for secondary purposes, they will be sent the notification to make changes.


On this website, there are links leading to other websites. That being said, we are not responsible for how other websites perceive or use the information. We are not responsible for the security and privacy of other websites. We suggest that users read the privacy policy and read every relative statement. This privacy policy is only applicable to this website.


At The Cardboard Boxes, we take the steps for protecting the information. We ensure offline and online protection of the users’ information. All the information is protected and encrypted. We use SSL to protect the information. In addition, we do not use the information in our offices, hence effective security and protection of information offline. In addition, the servers that store the personal information are stored in high-end security environments.

Change Notifications

Whenever we change the information in the privacy policy, we will add changes to the homepage, privacy policy, privacy statement, and other sections that are appropriate. We ensure that our customers are aware of how information is collected, used, and disclosed. We will ensure that the information is only used for the purposes mentioned in the privacy policy.

If we change how users’ information is used, we will notify the users and customers through email. The users and clients can choose if they want the information to be used in a different way or not. If the customers choose not to be contacted, we will not contact them. Similarly, their information will not be used if they opt-out of using the information.