Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes are colonizer in simplistic accessibility, trailblazers in stackability, smooth unboxing, and protective packaging solutions. These boxes have two components: a slide-in tray and an upper casing that protects the contents. It is ideal for packing promotional items, key chains, pens, and other items into sleeve packaging rather than plastic bags.

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The world of packaging has undergone significant transformation, introducing an array of creative box shapes and packaging options. We specialize in offering well-designed printed sleeves and gift boxes that cater to a wide range of products. These sleeve boxes provide a secure form of protection and packaging, ensuring that your items remain safe and secure.

With our expertise in crafting visually appealing and sturdy sleeves, we aim to help businesses achieve their packaging and branding goals. Our protective packaging solution is ideal for individuals seeking to safeguard their items while maintaining an attractive appearance. We utilize premium cardboard material to craft the solution. The design features a sturdy base panel that easily fits into the top panel, ensuring a secure fit. 

Our protective packaging solutions ensure that the products arrive at their destination in pristine condition. These solutions are ideal for safeguarding delicate items and kraft gift boxes. The packaging is sturdy enough to withstand transportation and shipping, ensuring product security. Furthermore, these solutions allow for a secure and visually appealing display of the products. 


Custom Sleeve Boxes Solutions 

We understand that the products and items come in different shapes and forms. At TheCardboardBoxes, we have developed a wide range of sleeve packaging boxes that delivers promising solutions. We utilize designs that not only consume a lesser footprint on the shelf but also create an impression among the crowd of products and goods. 

We have designed the service to meet the unique needs of retailer companies. This is because we haven’t set the minimum order range; the clients can order as many sleeve or pillow boxes as they want. Furthermore, we have developed the wholesale sleeve boxes package that offers colossal packaging solutions for the products at an affordable price range. 

At TheCardboardBoxes, we aim to create eye-catching packaging. We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate a diverse clientele. Our design focuses on optimal brand logo and name placement for maximum impact. Our range includes options with or without a window, providing practical solutions for all items. 


The Competitive Edge 

We have developed packaging solutions with low costs and high-end quality. Over time, we have ensured to deliver the quick turnaround time, so your businesses can start selling the products. In addition to the quick turnaround times, we offer free shipping of the sleeve packaging which has become beneficial for the companies. 

Before we finalize the order, we send the complementary embeds and prototypes to the clients, so they can look for the weak points, if any. In addition, we ensure convenient and efficient shipping for packaging orders. We have developed a display proposition that promises the captivating design of the sleeve cardboard boxes

We have procured various color scheming options, so the product information can be printed on the packaging for convenience. In addition, it helps customers assess the products in a timely and efficient manner. We have procured the top-notch pressing technology that helps add captivating highlights to the sleeve containers. 

We utilize promising materials like kraft and cardboard material for better protection of sensitive products. On top of everything, we have developed a straightforward booking process that eases the sleeve box orders. Lastly, we have established discounts that provide us with a competitive edge and affordability to the clients!