Terms and Conditions

We encourage the users to read these terms and conditions carefully; these points will outline the users’ access and utilization of the website. When you use the website, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, along with the restrictions, guidelines, and rules that are associated or connected with different services and sections.

The Cardboard Boxes has the right to make changes in terms and conditions and the website without any prior notice. Whenever users visit the website, they are encouraged to read these terms and conditions. We have the copyrights. It is forbidden to republish or copy the software and materials from this website.

Trademarks & Copyrights

The users are solely responsible for the content, inclusive of graphics, images, and texts. You agree that you will not add the trademark, design, text, service mark, image, and copyrighted work of third parties on the products unless you’ve the authority letter from the third parties. The users warrant that the products are not infringing the rights of third parties, such as privacy, trademark, and copyright.

You warrant that your actions and orders will not defame and libel the third parties. You must have permission and rights to integrated third-party material and information into the products. When you place an order on the website, you are warranting that you have the right, authority, and permission for placing the order.

Customer Content

You are responsible for the use of content with other images, texts, and graphics. You agree that the content is not used from the website or content of third parties without having the necessary authority and permission. You warrant that the products are not violating the rights of third parties, inclusive of privacy, copyright, publicity, and trademark.

Information such as data, photographs, texts, messages, and graphics are the responsibility of people producing the content. Whichever content is published, uploaded, transmitted, and sent is your responsibility. You warrant that you will not add unlawful and indecent information. The content must not violate intellectual property rights.

By using the website, you agree that you are responsible for protecting the password and controlling access to the account. You agree that you are solely responsible for the orders and actions placed and taken from the account, respectively. The Cardboard Boxes is granted to use, sublicense, reproduce, publish, adapt, modify, create, and display the work from your content on the website or printed products.

Design Files

The Cardboard Boxes will provide the design files at low resolution, 72 DPI. However, the users need to ask for the quote at the provided email address for the high-resolution design files.

Customer Submitted Artwork

All the artwork, images, and design should be provided in the CMYK format with at least 300 DPI. We are not responsible for the color changes that might occur during the conversion of color modes. We are not responsible for distorted, fussy, and pixelated images if it’s caused by the artwork.

Matching & Proofing

Before any print job, customer approval of the final artwork is required. When the order is placed, the job specification sheet and artwork proofs are shared with the customers through the provided email address. The customers shall be responsible for reviewing the details in the specification sheet, such as production speed, delivery dates, and ensuring that requirements are noted accurately.

The Cardboard Boxes is not liable for the requirements and specification beyond what’s added in the job specification sheet. The proofreading the responsibility of customers, so the customers must review the final artwork. We suggest that customers print down the files to see the spelling, artwork positioning, and other elements of the design.

We will not be responsible for color matching and proofing the ink density. We try to match the density of gradients in the duo-tone. We are not responsible for the final outcome of the duo-tone.


The card stock or paper is not suitable for printing the products and is not food-grade. The customers must outline and communicate these requirements. The users must communicate this before order placements. The customers will be solely responsible for approving the layout before it is printed. We are not liable for errors in the printed packaging and products. In addition, we are not responsible for spelling, graphics orientation, punctuation and grammatical errors, slits, missing folds, and wrong die-cuts. Lastly, we are not responsible for the product size.

Hardcopy & Color Proofing

The Cardboard Boxes will reproduce the colors from the submitted files. However, we do not guarantee the color density and color match because of printing limitations. The color reproduction will remain within 90% of the final outcome. If you order the hardcopy proof, we will only guarantee the color reproduction from the submitted files.

Order Cancellation

The Cardboard Boxes can cancel the order prior to shipping and printing. However, the order cannot be channeled if it has been shipped already. The users can cancel the orders during the production stages, but it has additional cancellation charges. The customer support team is responsible for informing about the cancellation charges.

Design Orders

When order placement is successful, refunds are not available or issued for the design service orders.

Refunds & Returns

All the orders on The Cardboard Boxes are unique, which is why the sales are final. In case we identify the error, we will reprint the order, but we do not offer credits or refunds.


When the orders are delivered, the customers have three business days to notify us for communicating the missing items, defects, and damage. We will not be responsible for any defects, missing items, and damages if they are not filed within three business days of delivery. The customers have to return the products for reprinting at their own expense. In addition, the rush shipping and printing charges are not refundable.

Order Delivery & Shipping

The Cardboard Boxes is offering the following options for products when placing the order, such as;

  • ● Standard (it doesn’t have guaranteed shipping time)
  • ● Free ground shipping
  • ● After final proof approval, the shipping is done within ten to fourteen business days
  • ● The priority orders are shipped within eight business days
  • ● The express orders are shipped within six business days

We will always comply with the timeframe set for printing and shipping the orders. We are not liable for damages caused by delays in delivery, production, and shipping. Our customers agree that they will not hold us liable for delays caused by technical issues, natural calamities, or other circumstances that are not in our power and control.

We design the timeframe, shipment dates, and delivery dates after estimates are provided by the suppliers. We ensure that the delivery schedules are always met but technical issues, failure, and malfunctions can delay the shopping and printing processes. If there are delays in the processes, expedite and/or rush charges are waived and/or refunded when applicable. However, the users cannot cancel the orders due to delays in shipping and printing processes.

Damaged & Lost Packages

The customers must inspect the orders and packages for outlining the damages and missing items before accepting the delivery. In case of missing items and damages, the customers must notify The Cardboard Boxes and the courier company on an immediate basis. We will not be responsible for the claims filed after more than three business days.

We are not responsible for third-party omissions, shipping errors, and damaged shipments. We usually ship the orders with extra pieces without additional charges.


The website and the content are provided without additional warranties. The customers acknowledge that the website operations might not be error-free or uninterrupted. There are chances that links and references of the third-party and independent companies are likely to appear on the website. The links and references are provided without any warranty.

Liability Limitations

We are not liable for indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages to the products. Similarly, our vendors, suppliers, licensors, directors, and officers will not be liable for all these mentioned things. We will not be liable for the consequence and damages caused by unauthorized and/or inappropriate use of the contents of the website or website itself.